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The Valley

The San Joaquin Valley (Central Valley) of California is often considered ground zero for many of the most pressing health crises in the United States. Valley neighbors lack clean water access, clean air to breathe, clean recreational parks, adequate funding for educational institutions, affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, and quality employment opportunities. Our region hosts dozens of the most impoverished census tracks in the nation, made up of hundreds of residents on government assistance programs for their most basic needs. To begin addressing these issues, Valley residents must be organized around shared local values and engage in grassroots advocacy.

Valley Forward is a community based, nonprofit organization that encourages Central Valley neighbors to engage in the political process. The organization launched March 2017 in Fresno, CA as the political and voter engagement arm of the Central Labor Council of Fresno, Madera, Tulare and Kings County.

We are a community-, working class-, and issue-oriented movement that will elect champions and defeat out-of-touch, wealthy elite incumbents. Powered by local teachers, constructions workers, healthcare professionals, and youth advocates.



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Powered by: Local Teachers, Construction Workers,
Healthcare Professionals, & Youth Advocates.

Address : 2721 Ventura St, Fresno CA 93721 Ste. #108
Email : [email protected]
FPPC # : 1432399